Today is Thursday, October 28, 2021


List of Basic Needed Items:

Cost Per Item # Needed
Tefillin & Talit with Bags $500 per set 2,000
Olive Green Tzitzit for Combat Soldiers $120 per dozen 50,000 prs.
"Magen Yisrael" Tehillim-Siddur for Combat Soldiers $180 per Pluga* 40,000
Field Beit Knesset kit 
$2,200 each 300
Field Aron Kodesh   
$540 each 150

Torah Library for Base Beit Knesset (inc. bookcase)

$2,600 each

*Pluga is an army company with between 120 - 150 soldiers approx. depending on the type of unit.

Special Projects & Activities:

  1. Building new &/or refurbishing existing base synagogues of various sizes.
  2. Publishing special IDF books from the IDF Rabbinate, Halacha Dept.
  3. Publishing special IDF books, booklets, and leaflets of the IDF Rabbinate, Jewish Awareness Dept.
  4. Underwriting unit Shabbat Seminars, on-base, and in Jerusalem.
  5. Underwriting Special Couples Evenings for officers and non-coms to strengthen Jewish family values.
  6. Underwriting Seminars and lectures for units in the field and on-base, as well as in specially designated locations.


Interest in any of the special projects requires an email inquiry that can be followed up directly with the potential donor to discuss necessary details and option levels of said special projects and activities.